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Welcome Drinks


Toast Drinks

Pimms and Lemonade

La Carrera



Charles de Floricourt


Orange juice,

Apple juice, Pineapple etc.

Pier 42



Italia pinot Grigio

Rose Spumante

Prossecco and Apple juice

La Joya



Canals & Nubiola


Cava with Pomegranate juice

More wines are available on request

More Toast drinks available on request

Mini kegs of Ale

Mini kegs of Cider

Some of these drinks are exclusive to our suppliers

If there is a particular brand or type of drink you are partial to simply let us know

Use our menu to choose your drinks of choice

Wedding planning can be a stressful period and Malthouse Event Bars endeavour to make any bar planning straight forward.

Welcome drinks, table wine and toast drinks can be provided at a competitive price. Many people feel providing their own welcome drinks, wines and toast drinks can save them considerable money. However, on many occasions we have found this is not to be the case.  There is considerable work in: buying, transporting, chilling and serving your wines and that’s without disposing of waste.


Miniature favours

We can offer personalised miniatures as wedding favours for your special day.

They can be labelled or with removable tags which can be personalised for your guests. This makes a great alternative to place names.

Personalised wine

Buying your table wine from us?

We can offer personalised wines for your special day. They make a great centre piece for your tables and a special memento of your day. Extras can be produced for anniversaries and special occasions.

Let us know what text you would like and a design and we will take care of the rest.

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